The Clintons Work For The Banks Not The People (Fact-Checked)

(CNN) Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a CNN analysis shows.

In total, the two gave 729 speeches from February 2001 until May, receiving an average payday of $210,795 for each address. The two also reported at least $7.7 million for at least 39 speeches to big banks, including Goldman Sachs and UBS, with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic 2016 front-runner, collecting at least $1.8 million for at least eight speeches to big banks.

Total Bill and Hillary speech income from “big banks”- at least $7.7 million for at least 39 speeches

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Hillary speech income from “big banks” – at least $1.8 million for at least 8 speeches


Bill and Hillary Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs

TOTAL:             $2,225,000.00        (12 Speeches total – 9 Bill, 3 Hillary)

12/3/2004       $125,000.00          WJC    New York            New York

4/20/2005       $125,000.00          WJC    Kiawah Island     South Carolina

6/6/2005         $250,000.00          WJC    Paris                      France

6/13/2005       $150,000.00          WJC     Greensboro         Georgia

3/1/2007         $150,000.00          WJC     Miami                   Florida

3/8/2007         $150,000.00         WJC     Phoenix                Arizona

4/11/2011       $200,000.00          WJC     New York             New York

10/23/2012     $200,000.00         WJC     Newport Beach   California

6/6/2013         $200,000.00         WJC     New York               New York

6/4/2013        $225,000.00      HRC     Palmetto Bluffs   South Carolina

10/24/2013   $225,000.00      HRC      New York              New York

10/29/2013   $225,000.00      HRC      Tuscon                    Arizona


Bill and Clinton Paid Speeches to UBS

TOTAL:   $1,915,000.00 (10 speeches – 9 Bill, 1 Hillary)

8/1/2011        $165,000.00       WJC        Dallas                      Texas

10/17/2011   $150,000.00        WJC        Los Angeles           California

2/21/2012      $175,000.00       WJC        Miami                     Florida

4/17/2012      $175,000.00       WJC       Chicago                    Illinois

10/18/2012   $175,000.00        WJC       Pittsburgh                Pennsylvania

5/9/2013        $175,000.00        WJC       San Francisco          California

5/19/2014      $225,000.00        WJC       Washington             D.C.

10/14/2014    $225,000.00        WJC       Boston                      Massachusetts

2/19/2015      $225,000.00        WJC       Nashville                  Tennessee

7/11/2013     $225,000.00     HRC       New York             New York


Bill and Hillary Paid Speeches to Morgan Stanley

TOTAL:  $350,00.00 (2 Speeches – 1 Bill, 1 Hillary)

2/5/2001     $125,000.00                 WJC         New York                  New York

4/18/2013    $225,000.00          HRC         Washington              D.C.


Bill and Hillary Paid Speeches to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

TOTAL: $1,300,000.00 (5 Speeches – 4 Bill, 1 Hillary)

11/30/2007    $175,000.00       WJC         New York              New York

12/1/2011      $200,000.00       WJC          Orlando                 Florida

11/13/2012    $200,000.00       WJC          London                United Kingdom

11/13/2013    $225,000.00    HRC      Bluffton               South Carolina


Bill and Hillary Paid Speeches to Deutsche Bank

TOTAL:   $1,255,000.00    (6 Speeches – 4 Bill, 2 Hillary)

5/4/2005      $150,000.00         WJC         Baltimore            Maryland

8/11/2005    $150,000.00         WJC          New York           New York

10/10/2012   $200,000.00        WJC          Scottsdale          Arizona

8/27/2014     $270,000.00        WJC           Boston               Massachusetts

4/24/2013     $225,000.00      HRC          Washington        D.C.

10/7/2014     $260,000.00       HRC           New York          New York


Bill – Paid Speeches to Citigroup

TOTAL: $700,000.00 (4 Speeches – All Bill, No Hillary)

3/12/2004    $250,000.00       WJC           Paris                 France

9/13/2006    $150,000.00       WJC           New York          New York

11/15/2006   $150,000.00      WJC            New York         New York

5/3/2007       $150,000.00      WJC            New York          New York


The analysis was made at a time when Hillary Clinton has been under scrutiny for her ties to Wall Street, which has been a major focus of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail.

“What being part of the establishment is, is in the last quarter, having a super PAC that raised $15 million from Wall Street, that throughout one’s life raised a whole lot of money from the drug companies and other special interests,” Sanders said at Thursday’s Democratic debate hosted by MSNBCSanders: Clinton is ‘funded by Wall Street’
The former secretary of state testily responded to Sanders’ charges. “Time and time again, by innuendo, by insinuation, there is this attack that he is putting forth which really comes down to, you know, anybody who ever took donations or speaking fees from any interest group has to be bought. And I just absolutely reject that, senator, and I really don’t think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. And enough is enough,” Clinton said. She then challenged him: “If you’ve got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that I ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation I ever received.” That time Sanders voted for Bill Clinton’s plan to loosen regulation on Wall Street
The Clinton campaign has been noncommittal about releasing transcripts of the paid speeches and Clinton has told reporters that she will “look into” making her remarks public.